Roll the dice

Like many people, I have too many books. Let’s put the whole question of whether that is a dubious concept – can you have too many books? – for the moment, and take it as a given. My shelves are full. There’s no more room. I’m already a bit like a mad cat lady but with paperbacks. And hardbacks. And strange things with spiral bindings. I haven’t ventured into Kindle territory yet, but if I had one, I’d have filled it.

But they don’t get read enough. And I’m still buying more – or I was until I decided I’d had enough.

So now I’m going to read my stash, and not buy new. And I’m going to let fate decide. I’ve got a little drawing of my bookshelves with them all numbered. I’ll roll a dice – two dice will be needed – and go to the bookshelf chosen by fate. Then I’ll roll for the specific shelf, and for the book on that shelf.

I’ll give myself a little leeway, though. I can count from either end of the shelf, and if the dice give me a three and a two, that could be five, or it could be thirty-two or twenty-three. And I’m confining myself to books in English.

I could get fiction, or I could get a cookery book, an art book, something about the history of Wales, a book about gardening or smallpox or the history of carpets or refugees. Let’s see!


2 thoughts on “Roll the dice

  1. Phillipa M

    Do I see the inspiration of ‘Howards End is on the Landing’, perhaps?! Its a great idea though, theres so much wonderful stuff out the in the world of books. ( I do wish TV producers would read a bit more widely, rather than seeing how many ways they can reproduce Miss Marple!)
    I have books, just a compact selection, sort of comfort books really, that I turn to when I haven’t been to the Library and need to read Something!
    Have fun with your library!
    (I have just been upstairs and can report that the 4.50 from Paddington is on the landing!)

    1. Kate Post author

      Ho ho ho – of course you’re right, but I think I was withering about it before I read that (and I don’t think Susan Hill would do anything as unpredictable as let the dice decide – I’ve just been ‘given’ a small handbook on raising geraniums, but I must stick to the rules and read it).

      I think my landing is about the only place in the house without books… I must do something about that!


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