Monthly Archives: September 2015

So long, and thanks for all the fish…

My Year of Random Reading is over – I tried to prolong it, but it was a project designed for a single year, and that was how it worked best. It coincided with a period of injury and recovery, and now I’m back working as usual.

That means that I’m just not reading as much, or as generally. I’m reading for research (nobody ever read The Chicago Manual of Style for fun – or did they?), and that means that when I read for pleasure, I’m reading what I choose to read not what the dice select.

Admittedly, that means detective stories (working my way through Donna Leon, want to move to Venice), histories (or maybe Renaissance Paris), or cookery books (want to tour all Michelin-starred restaurants). At least the latter choice is reflected in my food blog, Twelve Miles from a Lemon.

And of course I’m still blogging about my everyday work as a writer and editor, for anyone who really cares about words and grammar and punctuation – I know it’s not just me and Stannis Baratheon – on my website at